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Merging Green & Technology: The Z1000U Matrix Drive for Building Automation

​The revolutionary Matrix Drive is now ready for HVAC.

Feature Highlights

  • Low input distortion across a wide load and speed range

  • IEEE-519 Compliant (<5% THD)

  • Eco-Mode to achieve near across-the-line THD

  • High Efficiency Design provides extra energy savings as compared to other low harmonic solutions

  • Near Unity True Power Factor at full load

  • 0.98 Truet Power Factor throughout entire load and speed range

  • Integrated Input Fusing provides 100kA SCCR

  • Integrated C2 EMC Filter

  • Compact Design

  • High Reliability with an MTBF of 28 Years

  • Embedded BACnet communications (BTL Certified)

  • Embedded real time clock for event stamping

  • High Carrier Frequency (Low Motor Noise) Capability

  • 0-400 Hz Output Frequency

  • 120% Overload for 60 Seconds

  • Motor Auto-tuning

  • Multi-language LCD display, with Hand/Off/Auto and Copy function

  • DriveWizard® HVAC Software

  • Embedded Timer Functions for Starting, Stopping and Speed Changes

  • Start into spinning load (speed search)

  • Both Induction and Permanent Magnet Motor Control


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